Hyundai and Indian Oil Association

Hyundai and Indian Oil Association

To celebrate 20 Years of Brilliant Moments with Hyundai, we tied-up with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) for a Hyundai-Indian Oil 20-20-20 campaign to engage our customers and celebrate 20 years journey of Hyundai in India. Under this campaign 20 lucky customers will stand a chance to win 20 Hyundai cars on purchase of 20 Litres of Extra Premium and Normal Petrol at IOCL gas stations across India. These 20 cars include Hyundai’s ICONIC Brands such as EON, GRAND i10 and ELITE i20. In addition, 1000 lucky customers will also get a chance to win fuel coupons from IOCL during this duration. The campaign duration is from 1st August to 30th September 2018.


20-20-20 Celebrations Offer Valid in Select IndianOil Outlets

Congratulations to the 20 Lucky Winners of the 20-20-20 Celebrations Offer who have won a Hyundai Car

Presenting the 1,000 Winners of the 20-20-20 Celebrations Offer who have won Fuel Vouchers (IndianOil)*


Terms and Conditions

  1. 1.The Campaign "HYUNDAI IndianOil "20:20:20 Celebrations" (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Campaign’), organized jointly by Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) and Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IndianOil), which shall run between 1st August 2018 and 30th September 2018 at midnight (hereinafter referred to as the 'Term'). HMIL has the sole discretion either to reduce the term or increase the term.
  2. 2.This Campaign is open to Indian Citizens aged 18 or over, as on 1st August 2018, residing in India only.
  3. 3.HMIL & IndianOil are fully responsible and liable for managing the campaign, the execution, selection and gratification aspect of the contest.
  4. 4.IndianOil is only the promotion partner and has no responsibility in managing the contest, execution, selection and gratification with respect to the contest.
  5. 5. During the Term, Customers who purchase 20 Litres or more of Petrol or XTRAPREMIUM petrol for four wheelers in the selected IndianOil retail outlets of India are eligible to participate in the Campaign (hereinafter called "Participant").
  6. 6.To participate in the Campaign, the Participant shall either
    1. a.Send SMS ‘HYUNIOCL<space> Bill No.’ to the number 56767. Here the ‘Bill No.’ is the number of the 'bill of purchase' issued by the Indian Oil Outlet for the purchase of XTRAPREMIUM petrol.
      For example, if the bill no is 2345 the Participant has to SMS, HYUNIOCL <space>2345 to the number 56767. If the bill no is 6, the Participant has to SMS, HYUNIOCL <space>6 to 56767. The space between HMIL and the bill number has to be maintained and the SMS format has to be correct, if not, an error message will be received by the Participant (or)
    2. b.Give a missed call to number 8884452118 and be guided by IVRS to enter the bill number to participate in the Campaign (or)
    3. c.Send their bill number through Whatsapp to 8527888984. If the bill no is 6999 the Participant has to Whatsapp 6999 to the number 8527888984. If the bill no is 6 the customer has to whatsapp, 6 to 8527888984.
    4. In all the above cases an acknowledgement of the registration of the Participant for the Campaign on receipt of the bill number in the correct form as mentioned above will be sent to the Participant by HMIL.

      Participants can also call helpline Toll Free number 1800114645 for assistance in participation and any clarifications regarding the Campaign.

  7. 7. The Participant shall send fresh SMS or missed call or whatsapp for every purchase of specified quantity of Petrol / XTRAPREMIUM. However, each SMS, Whatsapp or missed call should have a different bill number linked to the purchase. Multiple SMSs or missed calls from a mobile number using the same bill number will be considered invalid.
  8. 8.The SMS/missed call/internet facility is available through telecom service providers such as BSNL/MTNL/Vodafone/Airtel/Aircel/Reliance/Idea etc.
  9. 9. The Participant has to bear the applicable rates charged by the respective telecom service provider.
  10. 10.At the end of the Term, from amongst the Participants, Winners will be selected through a system based random process that would select the winning Mobile Numbers (through which the Participants participated) from a dump of valid entries received. This process would be conducted in the presence of an independent third-party auditor/functional group members of HMIL and IndianOil. The list of winners would be displayed on the HMIL website, and also IndianOil website Besides, the individual winners of the prizes would be notified separately. The decision of the HMIL and IndianOil shall be final and binding and is non-contestable.
  11. 11. No correspondence/communication from the participants on the contest or on the selection / selection process will be entertained by HMIL and IndianOil.
  12. 12. The prizes to the winners are
    1. a.1st Prize - 4 winners and each winner will get one Hyundai ELITE i20 (Petrol/Diesel Base Models) Manual Transmission
    2. b. 2nd Prize - 6 winners and each winner will get one Hyundai GRAND i10 (Petrol/Diesel Base Models) Manual Transmission
    3. c.3rd Prize - 10 winners and each winner will get one Hyundai EON (Petrol Base Models) Manual Transmission
    4. d.Other Prizes -1000 winners and each winner will get Fuel Voucher worth Rs.1000/- from Indian Oil
  13. 13.The Participant is required to preserve the original Cash Memo/Bill of the purchase of Petrol / XTRAPREMIUM petrol for claiming the prize, if any, won by him/her. Loss/mutilation of the original Cash Memo/Bill would make it invalid for claiming the prize, if the Participant wins a prize. No photocopies of Cash Memo/Bill will be accepted. However, it’s recommended that the Participant keeps the photocopy of original bill to help in verifying the original bill if it partially fades away.
  14. 14. The selected Mobile Numbers would be contacted by back-end operator of HMIL for further processing.
  15. 15. HMIL & Indian Oil shall not be liable or responsible (including but not limited to:
    1. a.If Participant is not able to participate in the Campaign, owing to transmission failures or due to any technical reason or any kind of failure
    2. b. Any late, lost, misdirected or unsuccessful efforts to notify the Participant/ Winner
    3. c. If Participant’s mobile number is changed, terminated, blocked etc.
    4. d.For any SMS message delivery or whatsapp failures
    5. e. If the participant has registered to the DND (Do Not Disturb) of the telecom provider/ National Do Not Call Registry(NDNC) or has specifically requested for not receiving messages for the specific campaign
  16. 16.All Participants agrees that even if they are registered under NDNC or DND, HMIL/Indian Oil or its Agency will have all the authority to call such selected winners by virtue of them having voluntarily participated in the Campaign.
  17. 17.Prizes, if any shown are only for representation and actual Prize(s)/benefits may vary.
  18. 18.The winners of the Hyundai Car shall take delivery through a select HMIL authorised dealer showroom, on ex-showroom price prevailing in the State & City on the date on which Winner takes deliver of the Car, after completion of all the statutory formalities. Any upgradation or change in variant or model of the car will not be entertained. The winners will bear government levies, road tax, registration fees, Insurance, Goods & Service Tax etc. as applicable at the time of invoicing and all other incidental charges.
  19. 19. Depending upon the availability of the colour of winner’s choice at the Dealership from amongst the colours offered for the car, the car will be delivered on “as soon as possible” basis. The Car is covered under the normal terms & conditions detailed in the owner’s Manual provided with the car.
  20. 20.The Prizes are subject to withholding and other taxes and the winner shall be entitled to get the prize only after all the taxes are paid. The onus of payment of any statutory levies / taxes on the Prizes shall rest solely on the winners.
  21. 21.Winners have to provide the following documents before receiving the car prize from HMIL – (A) Proof of Tax Paid/Copy of Tax Paid counterfoil (paid at a notified Bank). The amount of Tax to be determined on the basis of the car won and the state/area where the winner is located. B) Copy of Pan Card of the winner. C) Indemnity bond from the winner on stamp paper declaring that the tax paid is from his/her income under Section 194B of the Income Tax act. D) DD/Cheque/cash for insurance charges, RTO charges and handling charges etc. E) any other statutory requirement as applicable.
  22. 22. The winner would be given a maximum of 4 weeks to complete the above formalities and if the winner is not able to complete the above formalities, including payment of taxes etc., and take delivery of the Hyundai Car within the period of 3 weeks, he/she shall forfeit the same. No request for extension of the date shall be entertained.
  23. 23. Winners have to make their own Travel arrangements, boarding and lodging if any for availing the Prizes.
  24. 24.The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged/redeemed for cash. No cash claim shall be entertained in lieu of the prize. The prize may not be combined with other Promotional or Discount Offer at HMIL Dealership/ Indian Oil.
  25. 25. HMIL & Indian Oil may at their sole discretion substitute or replace any prize with any other equal or similar value (in kind) selected by them without any prior notice to the Winner. In the event, a selected Participant chooses not to accept Prize, he /she forfeit his/her right to the Prize.
  26. 26.HMIL & Indian Oil reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any Participant that it determines to be tampering with the process or the operation of this Campaign, to be acting in breach or potential breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  27. 27. HMIL & Indial Oil reserves the right to withdraw and/or alter any of the terms and conditions of the Campaign at any time without prior notice and alter/ change the Terms and Conditions of the Campaign, process or means of gratification without any prior notice/information.
  28. 28.HMIL & Indial Oil reserves the right to audit all claims/winning entries to ensure that the Terms and Conditions of the Campaign have been met; and to request additional information regarding any and all claims and supporting documents.
  29. 29.HMIL, Indian Oil and its partners shall not be liable for any loss or damage, theft or any other mishap whatsoever, that may be suffered as a result of participating in the scheme or enjoying the prizes.
  30. 30.Except the entitlement to the prizes, the winner or his/her legal heirs will have no rights or claims against HMIL/ Indian Oil or its partners.
  31. 31.The submission of false, incorrect, misleading or fraudulent documentation may result in disqualification from the Campaign. The submission of false, misleading or fraudulent information may result in the claimant being subject to civil or criminal liability.
  32. 32.The Participants would be solely held liable for any details including but not restricted to age, name, profession etc. entered by them.
  33. 33.By entering the Campaign, the personal information (including Mobile Numbers) submitted/posted by the Participants will become the exclusive property of HMIL and the Participants permit HMIL without any restrictions to use the same for its advertisements, any activity or lead generation and other purposes.
  34. 34.Employees of HMIL, Indian Oil and their families, HMIL/IndianOil Dealers/Distributors/other Channel partners, employees of Advertising Agencies of HMIL, IndianOil, Service providers/Event managers etc. associated with the Campaign, are not eligible to take part in the Campaign.
  35. 35.The Campaign is subject to force majeure conditions and HMIL shall bear no responsibility for cancellation or postponement of the Campaign.
  36. 36.Participation in this Campaign is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Participants.
  37. 37.The Campaign will be void in the State/Union Territory where such Campaigns are legally disallowed or prohibited by law.
  38. 38.All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Chennai for HMIL and courts of Mumbai for IndianOil.